Versus is a new-school production house specialising in creative & branded video content for the new prime time (broadcast and online).
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We work with agencies and brands to conceptualise and create films that leave you with a little something. A feeling, a memory, an idea, a flicker of inspiration. Stories that take a while to craft but not necessarily a while to tell.


We make films for the modern world; whether that means 3 seconds, 3 minutes or 3 episodes.


We are creators, directors, producers, editors, thinkers and doers.



VERSUS started out as a 3 headed directorial beast, and has since grown into a vicious pack of extended specialist collaborators.


We comfortably sit somewhere between a production company, a directing collective and a creative collaboration.


Don’t put us in a box, man.

VS Executive Producer


She’s the reigning and defending heavyweight champion producer of the studio. Tanya honed her skills on the mean streets of advertising production, working as a Director’s Assistant for some of the world’s best and most brutal directors.


She made the leap to Producer, working on music videos with friends and found her true calling. She’s not a scrappy fighter, her strengths lie in attention to detail and an inside-out understanding of all things video. With a background in electronic and temporal arts, she’s also an unstoppable creative force.

VS Director


Pound for pound, “Suki” is one of the strongest video directors this side of the tracks. He’s been making videos since he was a kid, taping scenes from Super Nintendo games onto VHS and dubbing them with rap songs.


Fast forward to beyond Art School, where his aesthetic progressed somewhat, and Jason made his professional debut as an editor and motion graphics designer. With a strong broadcast, post-production and visual arts background, Jason has the cross-over appeal and killer instinct that makes him a highly sought after and celebrated director. He has an uncanny ability to create breathtaking visual narratives that level his opponents.

VS Cinematographer


In the red corner, weighing in at none of your business, Brad Jarrett AKA ‘God Legs’. Brad discovered his gift for cinematography through a twist of fate when he wrote, directed, shot, composed, performed the score and starred in his first student film. Whilst it was just an excuse to have a romantic scene with his crush, who he cast as the female lead, it did win best cinematography at the end of year awards.


He’s since focused professionally on the art of cinematography, though all but given up on the art of seduction. With a background in editing and design, Brad is known for his highly polished and poetic visual aesthetic.